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June 27, 2005

Taipei Landmarks - McDonald's


Posted by Dan at 02:46 AM

Traditional Food For Last Dinner Meal in Taiwan

We didn't have Taiwanese icecream for the first dish. This picture is only to document the perpetrators.

This is Taiwanese chicken roll. Served very hot.

The street chicken roll shop. As we sat at the table behind the shop, many people stopped and bought chicken rolls to take home.

Pig intestine soup.
The bag of shark meat and bag of sauce came from another shop.

The shop keepers were suprised that a "foreign devil" likes this soup

Well that is the end of my food reporting from Taiwan. I'm leaving for California today.

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June 26, 2005

Taipei Landmarks - Subway


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Yang Ming Shan Park

Today we went to Yangmingshan National Park. It was named after Wang Yang-Ming, a Ming dynasty philosopher. It bacame a protected park in 1981. We took Bus #685 and Bus #5 to get to the park. Bus #260 and Bus #685 got us back.

Well I got my photo of a butterfly. There were many others but they wouldn't hold still for me.

There is a picture of a beautiful waterfall with a ham.
The Yang Ming Mountains rise out of the far northern tip of Taiwan, the highest peak being Chi Hsing Shan, at 1120 meters elevation. We left that hike for another day.

Given a pond and kids and you get wet kids trying to see what they can catch.

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