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June 04, 2005

Kunqu Opera - The Peony Pavilion

Spent Saturday afternoon, attending a performance of The Peony Pavilion at Taipei's Zhong Cheng Auditorium. This Kunqu Opera can be 18 hours long. This production is 6 hours long and I saw the first three hours. My eyes were closed at times but my ears were open. I have seen this and other Kunqu Opera in New York City. It is sung in mandarin with stage subtitles in chinese characters. Lucky I knew the story.

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June 03, 2005

Lantern Festival

Friday night, I went to a lantern festival. It was on the shore of a river and a large paper boat was built to burn and set adrift. Behind me is that boat. A Taoist priest put the blood of a chicken and then a duck on the hull of the boat. He then put some turtles in the river. Lucky money was put in the boat and lit. Fire crackers were also lit and the boat was pull from shore. Later, small box lanterns were lit and sent adrift. "A fun time was had by all."

Stage Show

The Boat

The Lantern

The Burning

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