June 14, 2005


More about the EasyCard.

Arabic numbers, Chinese characters. Sorry, no English. I copy down all the bus numbers at my local bus stop so, when I want to get home, I look for the same number at bus stops where I find myself. Works so far. The maps are useful but takes me a while to figure out where I am.

BTW, the signature on my card is that of Taipei Smart Card Corporation Chairman, Dr. Ou Chin-Der.

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June 13, 2005

Bus # 606

Here is Rosa, on Bus #606, as it goes by the National Taiwan Normal University. Using the logic of there were no "black and white" TV's until there was a "color" TV, there must be a National Taiwan Abnormal University somewhere.

Here is a non-typical picture of a nearly empty bus. Notice the the rectangle next to the drivers station. This box reads the EazyCard when getting on or off the bus. One beep for me, two beeps for stu-dent and three beeps for old per-son.

While sitting in the bus, waiting for the traffic light to change,
I noticed potted plants on the outside window sill on the building across the street.
I thought this was a dangerous condition. Then, confirming my notion, I noticed fallen pots on the small roof covering the sidewalk. I didn't notice any fallen pots on the sidewalk. They must have cleared them off along with the bodies.

Here is a picture of me, Father Bernard and Boa-Meii.
We attended a Mass for him before he starts this chemotherapy. We plan on sending more music CD's, to him, to replace the one's he has given away. Father Bernard is only in his eigthties.

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June 07, 2005

Waiting for My Train To Come In

I could be waiting for the train anywhere in the world but here I am in Taipei waiting for the train to Hualien. It's a little after 7 AM.
By mistake, we bought return tickets only from Hualien at the Post Office yesterday. Had to straighten out the tickets before the "gate kepper" would let us in.

Rosa and I visited Archbishop Matthew Kia Yen-wen at his room at a school in Hualien.
He is 81 year old. We kidnapped him two years ago, but that is another story.

Rosa and I on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, West Side.
We were told, if you look hard to the East, you can see the USA.

Later that day we attended a wedding.
The food afterward was great!

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June 06, 2005

Train Trip - Taipei to Hualien

Ordered train tickets to Hualien yesterday over the internet. The new graphical web pages don't work properly yet. Had to use the old web pages. Also needed a Passport Number that all citizens have in Taiwan. Had to borrow someone elses number. Then, today, picked up the tickets at the local Post Office. I took a number and eventually went to the "Bank" window to get the tickets. The "Postal" window sells stamps without glue. There is free glue at a near by table.

The train ride will be between 3 to 4 hours and will follow the East coast. Two years ago, I took the same train and eventually went around the whole island with three more stops along the way.


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