June 17, 2005

Din Tai Fung

OK, this will be my last food posting. But, Din Tai Fung is world famous for it's soup dumplings. That is the name on the red sign. The black sign behind my head is for a book store next store. The characters were written by Tong Yang-Tze (tong_yang_tze.gif). She is a good friend of Bao-Meii and I met her several times both in Taiwan and New York. By the way, my head is blocking the character for "stone". Seems appropriate.

Because there are long lines even at 10 AM when it opens, you can select your dishes before your seated.

The staff is busy. The masked man brings the dumplings in the circular steam trays you see piled up nearly to the ceiling.

Bus tours even stop here and are met by the staff, with umbrellas if necessary.

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June 16, 2005

Food - Back By Popular Demand

Let's see, what did I eat today. That's a "tea egg" sitting on top of rice. And, that's cabbage to the right. On the lower left, is tofu. Not "stinky tofu", though I do smell it, so there must be some within a mile radius from here. And the meat? That's pigs feet. I prefer the front left foot (left hand, if you are from Hong Kong).
Happy Patron "A".

Hungry Patron "B".

There are no walls between where the food is prepared and where the food is consumed.

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June 15, 2005

Mein Mein Ice (Shaved Ice)

mein_mien_ice_characters.gif Mein mein ice is the best.
My favorite topping is Red Bean but you can get three additional toppings at the same time. I chose Black Grass, Taro Root and Almond Jelly. A clear block of ice is clamped into the ice shaving machine. Very fine ice crystals are shaved off the block and put on a plate. You then have your favorite toppings put on. Some liquid sugar is poured over the whole pile and served. I usually start by taking a little topping and then some unsweetened ice on a spoon. I eventually mix it all up into a sweet icy liquid and eat it like soup. Yum yum!

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June 14, 2005

Making My Lunch

The variety of fruits and vegitables seem endless and there are twice as many flavors. The only way to sample all of this is to go out to eat. Or, go out to buy ready to eat and take home. That is what we did today for lunch.

I was limited to only five items, but, there is always tomorrows lunch.

It was only a short walk to the market. The ready to eat food was up stairs of a large enclosed market, air conditioned. All the fresh fruits and vegies were on the ground floor. Also meat with the hooves and noses still on some of it.

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June 12, 2005

Donut At Mister Donut - Not

This is the typical wait line outside Mister Donut #001. About an hour long.
When it first openned, the line was three hours long and it went down the street. One lady, I know, had her daughter bring here lunch so she wouldn't loose here place in line. We didn't get a donut. I wont mind waiting 5 minute at Dunkin' Donuts next time. We got a croissant from a French Pastry Shop down the block.

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