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June 10, 2005

Dragon Boats Race

Today's the day for Dragon Boat Racing. Mr. & Mrs. Hwang picked up Rosa and I in his VW. After a short drive to the river and a walk over the dike, there were two dragon boats ready to race. Each crew raced twice, once on the left side of the river and once on the right. The race was "timed". This was a fun race, not a serious one. You may notice, there is a tall guy paddling in the back of the boat in the above picture. I was DRAFTED!
I was given a shirt and a hat and told to sit in the back. Our boat now had an international crew. I was in the first boat to go up/down the river, so, we were the ones to scare the devils away with fireworks and bribes of lucky money. We won the 1st race. I'm not too sure who won the second one. I was too tired to look up. Even Mr. Hwang joined the crew for the second race. He had never gone to a dragon boat race in his whole life and now he was crewing. I was thirsty and had some shaved ice with red beans and 3 other items in it. It was Gooood.
Rosa and I by the grand stand with some noble looking characters. The races lasted to 5 PM but we left at noon.

Just a note about my new camera.

To start, there was no manual for the camera on the CD but I got one off the internet. I went to the Nikon USA web site and downloaded the "non-printable" pdf. I couldn't download the printable version because the serial number of the camera indicated I didn't buy it in the US. I guess I'll be talking more about this later. But, I read the parts I need to know right a way and I hope the pictures come out reasonably good.

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