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August 06, 2008

Lighter Side of School

One project at school was to get a jet engine (J-34) to run. Joe took the following video during the test.
J-34 Test Run

Yours truely is the "cowboy".

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After Graduation

All my classmates are certified FAA Aiirframe and Powerplant Mechanics and they have the plastic to prove it.
Steve, Joe, Brian, Jeff, Mike, John AND Will are now working for Mr. Sikorsky
The Mechanic

Rich is a mechanic on the EAA's Aluminum Overcast and will be flying from Oshkosh, WI to Oxford, CT this month.
Aluminum Overcast Crew
Rich is "the one on the right side of the picture with the yellow jacket sun
glasses and big forehead".

I'm trying to get my Grumman Cheetah (AA5A) back into the air.
This is how it arrived at school.
Poor N26464
Every day at school my plane got lighter and more pieces were bagged and tagged and put in boxes. Now the plane with the boxes are in Westfield, MA. I'm working to get flying by the end of the year.

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August 03, 2008

Graduation, No Family or Friends

I attended the school graduation of the class that graduated at the end of my first year at the school, June 2006. Speechs were made, diplomas handed out, and cookies served. The teachers cleaned up well with jackets and ties. I enjoyed the ceremony along with their Family and Friends. That would be the last time family and freinds would attend. The next class and my class voted not to have a graduation ceremony. The reason? We didn't want goofball to attend. The tradition has continued for the class of June 2008. It is sad to see this happen to a good school and I'm sad I'm too old to fight for the "regime change" needed.

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My Suspension

What could I, a sixty-two year old student, do to get suspended ? I entered an "Unautorized" zone at school..
The unautorized zone was the janitor's garage where my toolbox was being hidden. It was my damaged toolbox that the trucking company didn't pick up after it delivered my replacement toolbox. I called the accounting office of the maker of the $5,000 toolbox and they told me I could do what I wanted with the toolbox. I was willing to donate it to the school, but the Goofball (see last posting) tried to confiscate it. At lunch time, so I would not loose any trainging time :-), I entered the garage and removed my toolbox and then sat outside to eat my lunch where I normally do. Now the entertainment began. The janitor notices my toolbox is missing from his garage. He goes to the assistant-principal (Goofball) and asks were it is. Goofball doesn't know. The janator finds me and asks the same question and I tell him, "It is gone." Goofball calls the State Police. They find me and ask me to go to the "Goofball's" office. The principal shows up. (I wrote him a letter, the week before, telling him what I planned to do.) There was lots of talk and the shuffling of paper. In the end, I was "given" my toolbox but suspended for entering an "Unauthorized Zone".Now that's entertainment!

Later I found out two of my fellow students were suspended for helping me. It was retracted when I told Goofball I didn't need help and that they did'nt help me. I spent the next five days at the FBO next door to the school. I had Wi-Fi access to the internet for study and help with the homework I asked for. The coffee machine was a nice touch at this "exile" location. If I stepped on school property, I would be " arrested immediately". I returned to school after the suspention and made up the time after their graduation. I took my powerplant oral and practical test on the schedule that was made a month before. I was asked by Goofball to leave the school grounds when he found out I completed my testing. Thank you, state school system, for the training. PS I do miss Goofball.

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Before I go any further, let me give you my definition of "goofball".
Goofball: a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior. I am not using the definition of "a man who is a stupid incompetent fool". I'll let others decide if that definition fits.

This Goofball
was entertaining for the two and a half years we attended his school. We didn't know how much it would be in the beginning but it got better and better as time went on. This ex-science teacher and want-to-be aviation guru enjoyed making rules to show control. One short lived rule was the school doors would be locked until 15 minutes before class started. The reason? Some of us would arrive an hour before class every day to study and we would sometimes "bother" the instructors with questions. Needless to say that rule was recinded but we had to promise not to bother the instructors with questions before class. He was upset that someone would question his rule making authority. We didn't question his authority, only his rules.

Now to explaing the "early/late" graduation. The school was originally for three years but along the way it was changed to a two year school by making the school day longer to meet FAA training requirements. My class was the in between class so we had two and a half years to get the required hours, therefore, EARLY GRADUATION. Now I was suspended from school for a week, two weeks before graduation. I didn't graduate with my class because I had hours of trainging to make up, therefore, LATE GRADUATION. Why was I suspended? That will be the subject of my next posting.

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Graduated Early/Late

I Graduated! Instead of graduating in June 2008, I graduated early, December 2007, but late compared to my fellow classmates because of a Goofball in charge of the school.. More on this later. I was certified on 17 December 2007, 104 years after the Wright Brothers made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight in an airplane on 17 December 1903 with the help of Charles Taylor's engine. That is, certified as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. There was no graduation ceremony with family and friends because of the same Goofball, but that is another story.

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