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May 20, 2005

First Flight - Bridgeport, CT

Of all the people who claim to have flown before the Wright brothers, perhaps the most controversial is Gustave Whitehead. August 14, 1901, according to believers in the Whitehead legend, is the true Centennial of Flight.

Whitehead Legend
More Whitehead Legend

Posted by Dan at 10:52 PM

How Did I Get Here

I was drafted into the Army in 1968 and, ignoring advice from home, I kept raising my hand when they asked for volunteers for doing things I thought was interesting. As a PFC, I volunteered to become a helicopter pilot, became addicted to the smell of JP-4 exhaust fumes, and I haven't been far from an airport ever since then. Retired from programming computers for IBM at the age of 47. Worked part-time at the Danbury Public Library until January, 2005. Then, after attending a Enhanced Re-employment Services Orientation in Bridgeport, CT, on 15 February 2005, I visited the Stratford School for Aviation Maintenance Techicians. I liked what I saw and submitted an application along with my HS Transcript, Army DD-214 and a current physical. I was accepted and classes start 30 August 2005. I hope to blog about my experiences at school again until I graduated in June 2008.

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