May 20, 2005

How Did I Get Here

I was drafted into the Army in 1968 and, ignoring advice from home, I kept raising my hand when they asked for volunteers for doing things I thought was interesting. As a PFC, I volunteered to become a helicopter pilot, became addicted to the smell of JP-4 exhaust fumes, and I haven't been far from an airport ever since then. Retired from programming computers for IBM at the age of 47. Worked part-time at the Danbury Public Library until January, 2005. Then, after attending a Enhanced Re-employment Services Orientation in Bridgeport, CT, on 15 February 2005, I visited the Stratford School for Aviation Maintenance Techicians. I liked what I saw and submitted an application along with my HS Transcript, Army DD-214 and a current physical. I was accepted and classes start 30 August 2005. I hope to blog about my experiences at school again until I graduated in June 2008.

Posted by clamachpin at 06:57 PM