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August 31, 2010

Camp Lohikan Fly-Over

Flew over Camp Lohikan to see Rosa. There she is, by the pool, just left of the tennis courts.


She spent Sat., Sun., Mon. and Tue. there with NYC kids and parents. It was hosted by the CSC, Christian Service Community.

Sometimes It's Not About Me

Sometimes this blog is not about me, N498TH. Sometimes I visit my friends and post their picture. Here is a picture of N5017N. She is a B-17G-VE, which is a Flying Fortress called "Aluminum Overcast".


She was at the Waterbury/Oxford Airport over the weekend. I spent the day with her there but flew back to Danbury at night.

August 21, 2010

Westfield Air Show 2010

The weather was perfect for the air show today. Rich and I left Danbury at about 6AM and got to Westfield when the tower openned at 7AM. Flight Service was saying to stay clear of this area after 8AM but the TFR didn't start until 10AM.


Tens of thousands came to see my plane and the Thunderbirds, who were also there today.


I parked in front of the tower at Aero Design and had a great view of the air show. Thanks Tom!