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February 25, 2010

My Ice Runway Adventure

Monday, 22 February, was a blue sky Winter day. Rich met me at the Danbury Airport at 1000 and we discussed options of where to fly. We recently went to a class about flying the New York City Hudson Exclusion. That was an option. I also read about the Alton Bay Seaplane Base (B18) in the January issue of the AOPA PILOT magazine. That was the option "we" chose. (Rich is the "we" when we fly his plane.) I also told Rich, my navigator, that we should use the New York Sectional Aeronautical Chart to find the place and not the GPS. He looked at me as though I was crazy, but consented. I took off, climbed to 3500 ft., set the RPM to 2200, leaned the engine, turned on the autopilot and took directions from my navigator. Two hours later, burning 6.3 gph, we arrived at Alton Bay. My plan was to do a low approach and land at Laconia for fuel but the light winds were from the North, three planes were on the ice, and my approach was on the numbers so I landed Runway 01. Breaking was good but I used the whole runway, breaking gently. Another plane landed right after us.
Rich, Navigator
We had lunch at the Old Bay Diner and bought snacks for the trip home at Amy Lynn's.

Taxiing East of runway heading South.
Water along the shores.
Getting ready for short flight to Laconia for fuel.
Lining up for take off.
End of runway coming under the nose.

February 22, 2010

Please, Pilot, Please, Do Play B18

I think I know that song by Olivia Newton-John.
Pilot/Autopilot taxiing at B18 (Alton Bay Seaplane Base).
Pilot/Navigator posing at B18 (Alton Bay Seaplane Base).
Plane with friend at B18 (Alton Bay Seaplane Base).

More friends at Alton Bay Seaplane Base (B18).