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December 30, 2009

Last Flight of 2009

The temperature was in the teens. We waited for the sun to take the frost off the wings. By 11AM we had a plan and cranked the engine. We flew to Sky Acres and did a practice GPS approach to Runway 17, refueled, and took off and did a Touch & Go at Kingston. Rich took this picture from over the Catskill Mountains.

Rich's artistic eye.

We then returned to Danbury and landed on Runway 35.
DXR Runway 35

(I then proceeded to lock myself out of the truck, AGAIN, but that's another story)

December 23, 2009

Two Days Before Christmas

It was a cold day, but the engine started ... then quit. Primed one time more and it started and continued to run. As you can see, it made for a happy pilot once in the air.


Rich and I sat in the plane, with the engine running, for 20 minutes, until the oil temp was in the green. Here's a picture of the runways while on left downwind Runway 26. They did a good job cleaning-up the runways and taxiways.


This is the instument panel on downwind. A little above 1700' at 95 knots.


This picture shows the Danbury Fair Mall, two days before Chrismas. I'm now on right downwind for Runway 26. Glad I'm not down there.


We broke out of the traffic pattern and flew to Sky Acres for fuel. ($4.33/gal.) Then back for landing on, you guessed it, Runway 26.


December 21, 2009

First Day of * WINTER *

Today I checked the plane to see if it was under a snow drift.

In Good Company

It wasn't but I forgot to bring my shovel.
The other day Rich and I were working on the plane. It was cold (low 20's) and sunny.
I checked the oil temp. and it was 39 degrees. Good enough to start the engine without a preheat.
But why was it so much warmer than the air? I think it was because the propeller is a good heatsink.
The sun warmed the painted black metal propeller and the heat was transferred to the oil. Very interesting.