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May 15, 2009

Flight To Williams College

Last Wednesday Rosa and I flew to Harriman And West (AQW) Airport in North Adams, MA.
The following picture is of Rosa at the fuel stop at Zoladza (GRB), Great Barrington, MA

Rosa at Great Barrington

We walked to Williamstown for lunch and gave Patty a call. She luckily wasn't in a class and she met us and we had lunch
Patty is graduating on 7 June with a double major and then it is off to Grad. School.
Good job Eph!
Patty said yes to "Would you like to go flying?". Here is a picture of Pilot Patty.

Patty The Pilot

We flew around Williams College. This was the first time Patty flew in a small plane.
We also flew around Mt. Greylock, the highest point in MA.

Rosa and Patty

Rosa flew in the back seat. No one got air sick on this blue sky day.
Patty went back to Williams by taxi and Rosa and I flew back to Danbury. It was a Great Day, almost, but that's another story.

Cleaning Up

The plane is back at Danbury but my "mechanic stuff" needed to be picked up at Aero Design at Barnes.

Packing Up

Here is my toolbox, loaded on the trailer I towed the plane around with. (That one rule in English up with which I will not put.) I am now trying to fit TWO of these toolboxes in my garage but that's another story.
I then spent the week giving rides in the plane. I flew with John, the CFI and plane partner who taught me to fly starch wings. We had breakfast at Barnes/Westfield. I then flew with Rich who got his A&P Certificate when I did.
We visited SSAMT and saw our instructors. We then found "stonehedge" near New Haven and had lunch at Waterbury/Oxford. The roast beef roll was great at the "121 Restaurant".