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April 17, 2009

N498TH Back Home At Danbury, CT (DXR)

Today N498TH returned to it's home at the Danbury Airport after a five year absence. We are happy to be HOME!

Back At DXR

It left Danbury as N26464 on a trailer, in parts, but today it returned triumphantly landing on Runway 35.
Rosa dropped me off at HFD and I flew the 1/2 hour flight to DXR. It was a bumpy ride but the autopilot with GPSS had no problem finding it. I stopped by earlier today to find a tie-down. Tony, at Executive Air, didn't have any space but found a space at Danbury Aviation. Thanks Tony.
This will be the first time it will spend the night outside in five years. It has a new blanket and pillows (canopy cover and cowling plugs). I'll check on it early tomorrow morning.

April 05, 2009

Pictures By Roy

Roy took these and the previous picture.

Come Fly with Me

Taxi to TO

Tail View

In The Air

Thanks Roy!

April 02, 2009

N498Th Is Back In Connecticut

Today I flew solo from Barnes to Brainard so that the Avionics could be checked-out by VIP Avionics.
The weather in the morning was foggy but by the time I got to Westfield, 1230, the sky was blue and sunny.
Tom said he could fly me back from Hartford and that we could fly in "a flight of two" to Brainard.
I said OK and after a two hour preflight and planning on my part, I was ready to follow N955TT. When Tom started his engine, I started mine. I already had the ATIS and the altimeter setting. I followed Tom as he passed me.
We held, before taxiing, to let four F-15's taxi by. We then taxied and held short of RW-20. I did the mag. check and switched freq. to tower. We got cleared to take-off

Flight of Two

and Tom taxied onto 20, to the left of the center line, I taxied to the right of the center line, then off we went. We had a squawk to fly thru Bradley's air space. I was asked to squawlk standby. Tom eventually contacted Brainard Tower and we landed RW-02. I kept changing radio frequencies when Tom was told to change frequencies. I followed N955TT about a mile back. This is the first time in three years all my plane's parts were back in Connecticut. The first time I flew in CT in eight years.

April 01, 2009

Tomorrow We Fly

Tomorrow we fly to Hartford, CT, solo, to get an avionics health check.


Jim and I did a lot of this but we also came up with many questions for VIP Avionics.

"Lieutenant Dan"

Cameras were flashing all around

LT Dan

and "LT Dan" posed.

The Plane and Pilot

Yesterday was a beautiful day to fly so Rich and Bob got into their club plane in Bridgeport, CT and flew to visit me in Westfield, MA.

The Plane

They both had big digital cameras and took great pictures. IMHO

The Pilot

The proud chief pilot of the 1978 Grumman Cheetah S/N 0611.

The Plane and Pilot

The plane has been in boxes and bags and hangered for three years. Here I'm reminding it that those days are coming to an end.

The Instrument Panel

I said I would talk about the new instrumen panel later. It is later but I don't think I need to say much.

The Panel

A picture is worth a thousand words. What more is there to say?
All the pictures today were all taken by Rich, one of my A&P school classmates.
Thank you VIP Avionics for the panel.
Thank you Rich for the pictures..