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March 29, 2009

OOPS! Another Thank You

How could I almost forget to thank my Dear Rosa. It was in 2005, I lost my part-time job, married Rosa, and went to A&P Mechanics School (SSAMT). She suported my dream all that time. I commuted to Westfield, MA to work on the plane, after getting my A&P Certificate, four days a week, for a year and a half , and she supported my effort. I needed some money and she supported my borrowing it. Here she is with me at the Danbury Airport, supporting me as I took the plane apart in 2006.

Rosa and Me

Thank You Thank You Thank Your Rosa Dear, from Your Moose

Slipping The Surly Bonds Of Earth

Last one for the day. Here, my Grumman, as it "slips the surly bonds of earth", DOWN to Hades in 2005!

Going Down

I showed up one day and John, my former plane partner, brought an air bottle. Miraculously the tire tubes inflated and the "Classy Lady" rose from the cold earth. I was then able to tow it across the runway to have it's wings removed at KDXR.

Feed Me, Feed Me

Here I am, feeding my Grumman at the North Hampton Airport. It took 18.12 Gallons. I mentioned that was a good year for some and not others. A plane of a pretty, just soloed, girl was towed to the refueling point after I was already there. She got refueled first because she had a prettier smile. (Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of her.) Just then my cell phone rang. It was my wife, Rosa. "Where are you?" Oops!

Feed Mel

While paying for the fuel, I saw they also sold Log Books. I bought one. I'm going to start logging ALL my time. I'm turning over a new leaf for an old ESF "Stumpy".

Thank You Jim

Another THANKS needs to be made. On 28 March 2009, Jim flew with me for several hours. This was after sitting in N498TH for several hours with an APU plugged in so we could review how the new instrument panel "stuff" works. This was no small task because the original panel was replaced with all new radios, engine instruments and switches. Also added where three new Flight Manual Supplements. One for an Aspen Avionics' EFD1000 (Pro) EFIS. Another for a Garmin's GNS530W (WAAS GPS/NAV/COM). And finally one for the S-TEC's System 20 Auto Pilot. More on all this later. We flew from KBAF to KEEN to 7B2 to KBAF. Here we are at the refueling point at the North Hampton Airport,

Jim and Me

Thank You Jim, from the PIC of N498TH

Thank You Aero Design

My Grumman American Cheetah (AA5A) flew for the first time since December 2001 on 27 March 2009. The registration number was changed from N26464 to N498TH in honor of the 498TH Medical Company (AA) with whom I flew with for three years (1970-1974). I plan to blog about this airplane as I use it and tell you about it's history from time to time but I have to start with a "Thank You" to the people at Aero Design, John, Tom, Brian, Angie and Roy.

N498TH and Me

Thank You, from "Dust Off 00"